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Save Thousands of Dollars a Year
You can now write off 57.5¢ per mile
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New IRS Rates for 2015 - 57.5¢ per business mile
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" With gas above $4 a gallon, I really can't afford not to file mileage on my tax return. It's the only way I know of to at least ease the pain at the pump. I know that I can count on Mileage Logger™ to be there to save me when April 15th comes around. I estimate that I'll save at least $15,000 this year alone because of the accuracy of the logger. I wish I'd have had this 10 years ago. "

Sarah - Software Sales-Vermont

  reimbursement mileage  

"I saved over $10,000 in 2007 using the Mileage Logger™. I'm still upset at myself for never having logged my mileage with the IRS before, but truth be told I've always been afraid of an audit. In 2008, my accountant finished my taxes in less than a half an hour using the online records the little device produced. Thank you for putting $10,000 mileage deduction in my pocket this year. I needed it. "

Simon - Appraiser from Spokane Washington

How it works
    • Plug Mileage Logger™ into your car  
• Counts and records your location and miles as you drive
• At the end of your trip, your start and end locations are sent to your online account
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Why Log Miles?
IRS mileage rate
  • You want to recuperate the money spent on traveling for business purposes.
  • It reduces the taxable income on your Schedule C.
  • Because $10,000 is a lot of money to leave on the table.
  • Audits increased for Schedule C filers from 128,062 in 2001 to 297,626 in 2006.
  • 18.5 million Schedule C filers in 2001 and is growing at 5%.
  • Travel, Car and Truck expenses equal 14.8% of all tax deductions.
  • Small Business and Work Opportunity Act of 2007 changed penalties for Section 6694 to $1000 or 50% of income generated by the work done for the Tax Payer.

IRS Mileage deductions
IRS standard business mileage rate deduction for 2014 was a staggering 56.00¢ per mile.
If you drive an average of 20,000 business miles per year, your deduction is about $10,000.
In order to utilize the standard business mileage rate deduction, the IRS requires mileage records to substantiate the deduction.
"If you prepare a record in a computer memory device with the aid of a logging program, it is considered an adequate record." IRS Publication 463 - How to prove expenses.
"You cannot deduct amounts that you approximate or estimate." IRS Publication 463 - How to prove expenses.
An IRS compliant mileage log book consists of -
- Destination
- Miles Traveled
- Business Purpose

IRS Publication 463 - Table 6-2. Daily Business Mileage Log


Order your online mileage tracker
How does it work?

  • The device keeps track of your changing location and counts your mileage as you go.
  • At the end of your trip, the unit sends your start and end locations and mileage over the wireless data network to Vulocity.
  • The device determines the street address of these locations and places all data for this trip into a record for you!
  • Your secure mileage records are available to you online, anytime.

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