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Again thanks for the explanation it really helped me in making my purchase. Before this I owned retail outlets for 25 years. And I was always a leader in my industry because service was my foundation, as it sounds like it is with you.

Mike - Partner in a Process Serving Agency

Thank you for your fast response, awesome. Even on a holiday, wow!!! I will be telling all my friends about your service.Thanks again.

Charles H. James

With gas above $4 a gallon, I really can't afford not to file mileage on my tax return. It's the only way I know of to at least ease the pain at the pump. I know that I can count on Mileage Logger to be there to save me when April 15th comes around. I estimate that I'll save at least $15,000 this year alone because of the accuracy of the logger. I wish I'd have had this 10 years ago.

Sarah - Software Sales-Vermont

I saved over $10,000 in 2007 using the Mileage Logger. I'm still upset at myself for never having logged my mileage with the IRS before, but truth be told I've always been afraid of an audit. In 2008, my accountant finished my taxes in less than a half an hour using the online records the little device produced. Thank you for putting $10,000 in my pocket this year. I needed it.

Simon - Appraiser from Spokane Washington

I drive on average about 60,000 miles a year surveying property around the state. That's a $30,000 deduction on my taxes. All I know is that come tax time my accountant and my family are going to love me when I don't have come out of pocket with thousands of dollars to Uncle Sam. I do nothing and gain everything with the solution.

Mel -Surveyor

Last year, I would worked and worked and would be too focused on getting more business; as a result I did not write off over 35,000 miles. If I tried to claim the deduction without a log book, I would have surely received an IRS audit notice. Currently, I log every mile I drive to work and get back every hard earned dollar. In my line of work, business is already hard as it is and I don't need anything else to make it more difficult. This year I will be writing off at over $17,500; and that's without having to do anything. Now if only my job was as easy as this.

Hank T. - HVAC, Raleigh, NC

I have 12 delivery persons to manage every day all over the city. After using the Mileage Logger, I found out that I had reimbursed an extra 36,000 miles to my employees last year - This year the Mileage Logger saved me over $64,000 by helping me verify the mileage so that I wouldn't pay the extra mileage they didn't drive. You will be amazed how an 240 extra miles a month per driver adds up.

Henry S. - Delivery, Manhattan, NY

"Before this device I'd randomly log my mileage and be in a huge pinch at the end of the year. Now all I do is plug it into my car adapter and check it about once a month to add comments and manage the account. Best sales tool ever."

Ron C. - Salesman, Austin, TX

"I always say I'm going to write down my mileage but some how at the end of every year, I'm in the same spot having to make up mileage. I'd worry year round about an IRS audit, but not any more with the VULOCITY mileage logger."

Dave W. - Realtor, San Jose, CA

"I rack up on average 40,000 miles on my car yearly appraising homes. If I don't take the mileage tax deduction I end up having to pay Uncle Sam a ton. Thanks VULOCITY for giving me peace of mind and best of all the ability to keep my hard earned dollars."

James B. - Appraiser, Los Angeles, CA

"Hands down the best thing since the TREO in my business. I don't have to worry any more about really the only tax write off that keeps money in my pocket...mileage. The VULOCITY mileage logger logs every mile I travel, then I decide which ones are business, commute or just personal. This is a tool every self employed person should have."

Enrique F. - Realtor, Corpus Christi, TX

"In my business I need to keep track of where my employees go in order to prove to my clients they truly doing their jobs. The mileage logger has allowed me not only to prove it to the customers, but to create efficiencies in route planning for my staff. Thanks for the gift of the year."

Stan P., - Delivery Service, San Marcos, TX

"When I was audited two years ago, the IRS made me print out a map of every start and end location to prove the distance between them. Now that's a night mare I wouldn't wish on anyone. Before all that was available was a pen and paper book. Now with the accuracy of GPS and the ease of only plugging it in, I have an overly compliant mileage log book with no installation or software to deal with. It just sits in my car and logs it all. Thanks."

Marcy P. - Network Marketing, Pensacola, FL

"For years I did not present my accountant any miles to deduct fearing that an audit would find me without any records whatsoever. I am driving almost 60,000 miles per year from job site to job site all over the country and the last thing on my mind was to write my odometer number in a note book. Thanks to this little device, last year I took $30,000 in deductions finally getting back what I deserve."

Stewart S. - Sales,Vancouver,Canada


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